A Gift

Today, I received something very special.

I reviewed the Pico RTA a little while back. I didn’t have all the fixins, but I reviewed the RTA (as I always do) as best as I could.

The cycle for me is to sell what I’m reviewing and use those funds to purchase/subsidize the next atomizer. It’s not a profitable strategy, and it’s not intended to be. I want to try all the things I can to provide the most valuable input I can to you, the reader. Vaping is a hobby I enjoy, as is writing. If I can use the both of these to serve the industry, then why not do so?

Sadly, the cycle moves on, and as with Le Magister, the izi, K.Loud+G, Hurricane, and so forth, I had to sell the Pico. It was an atomizer purchased from a friend, and it now has a lineage of its own.

Birks Gabish – a fellow reviewer, operator of Promist Vapor, distributor of the Pico RTA, and the engine behind the Pico Facebook group – heard about this. Instead of being upset that it was no longer in my possession, or leaving it be, or ignoring the review, he decided to send me a new one. He sent me one with a drip tip, top caps, Ultem tank and chambers, micro and standard chambers, and a CLR gender, even a drip tip I thought was cool from his website.

Birks didn’t have to. He didn’t need to be communicative over Facebook. He could have just ignored a small-time review website. He could have just let the whole thing alone, but he thought that it was a travesty that I did not have this atomizer anymore.

The Pico is already an excellent atomizer, but now it is something more. It’s a gift from Birks Gabish. Another person who is finding his path in the industry, another reviewer, and now a friend.


Author: New Fat Mike

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