About My Reviews

Because this site is about reviews and gear and all that good stuff, I think I should really just codify the things that I find important in mods and atomizers, as well as other important things for reviewing:


I work in the industry for a rather large manufacturer. I will not ever review nor recommend a product on this site from that company regardless of my personal feelings; I will not even talk about them. It is a conflict of interest plain and simple; where you spend your money should not be a function of whence my money comes.

The industry is relatively small; people know each other. If I know or have a recollection of meeting someone, I will place that in my disclosure at the very top of the review.

If I receive something for free, that will be stated along with from whom I received it. This will not impact my reviews, and I will treat it as having purchased it with my own money. I will provide links from where I receive things or from where they can be found to help you find whatever it is that is passing across my desk.


  • Temperature control. If it’s just shitty at TC, then I’m not going to be a huge fan. I think TC is likely the most important innovation in vaping, and as time passes it becomes more mainstream. Providing critiques on these early products are really going to be how we get even better ones in the future.
  • Mouth-to-lung performance. I am a MTL vaper. When I get home and feel like cutting loose or relaxing, I’ll open up the airflow, but I really don’t like anything super airy.
  • Convenience. Convenience is king to me, and that’s going to be in building, cleaning, filling, checking liquid levels, and adjusting AFC settings. I am ruled by inertia, and I would rather not do anything extra for additional performance.
  • Build quality. If the fit and finish or screws are off, I really don’t like that. Those can be little miseries that rapidly make an otherwise nicely-performing atomizer something I grow to hate.

Everything else is gravy, really. I don’t mind much if an atomizer makes a lot of noise, and a pyrex tank over a PMMA or Ultem one is bonus points.


  • Build quality. This is absolutely my biggest concern with mods. Rattley buttons, wobbly screens, janky 510s, those are my biggest concerns. If I feel like it’s cheap or going to fall apart in my hands, I will not be happy, and I will discuss this in my review.
  • Temperature control. If the TC settings I have are way out of line with my known accurate devices (Dicodes and DNA 200 for the most part), then this will also be discussed. If the settings are just “off” and not broken, then that will also be discussed as a function of its price point.
  • Size/Form factor. Size is important, but not in a deal-breaking kind of way. If I otherwise like a device and it’s just large, then I will discuss it as an at-home mod as my HFO 2 DNA 200 from Steam Monkey is. If it is uncomfortable no matter how I hold it, then that will also be discussed plainly.

I care a lot for how things are designed, and if I find something that is neat or janky, it’s all extra stuff unless that jankiness makes it something I wouldn’t really recommend. Materials in mods, however, I do care about, and it is easy to tell when something has been loved through its development and brought to market even from a materials perspective.


I don’t review liquids. If I get a liquid and I dig it or don’t dig it, then I’ll talk about it in my blog posts, but I won’t really do straight up reviews. I’m a hardware junkie, the liquids are just what makes it all go.


No matter what my reviews are addressed from the perspective of “Who is this for?”. Use cases are everything, and people deserve to have their reviews come from that perspective. If I happen to come into possession of something that isn’t my style, it will still be fairly reviewed from the use case perspective. There are as many combinations of equipment as there are vapers out there, and people deserve to have their perspective attended to as best as I can.

I hope this is helpful, I aim to provide the fine people who visit this site with the best reviews possible, and this is meant to assure you of that purpose. If you would like to contact me, I can be summoned via Bloodstone Circle.