April Showers…

Good afternoon lovely readers of Mesh Builds!

I am just a few photographs away from finishing up an article on the Box Reborn by Limelight Mechanics. I’m still in shock that I own this mod and am very excited to share my thoughts on it. It’s not really a review, more of an examination. I knew going into it that I would love the Box Reborn, and you can’t write an impartial review that way. I do hope you’ll enjoy it.

The In’Ax Mk III is the next atomizer to get reviewed! It has been performing quite well, and hopefully my review on it will be useful. They’re in stock at VapinArt in case you don’t feel like waiting on a review. Pro tip: get the threaded boulon center pin replacement. Life is much more radical with it.

I’m zeroing in on the Heron V2 and getting a build right for it. I just put a new build in there last night and am leaving it at home. I have a few tests, but I think this might be it, which is fantastic.

The EVL Reaper is also in my home! I put the mini kit on there right away and it goes through 2mL at a time relatively quickly. I have more I want to do with it and am still getting my build just< right. It’s not difficult to make it functional, but I think I can really make this atomizer stand out (as it should given its price point).

The Tube Atty also has a fresh build in it waiting for me to have some time to use it. I may need to do a few because I have some impressions now that I’ve looked at the innards and put a few tanks through it. We’ll see on that one, but it is relatively low priority.

Over the course of April, I spent a lot of money. I’ll mostly only be purchasing liquid in May, but hopefully there will be sufficient content to keep everyone satisfied. That said, though, I am setting up a Patreon page for Mesh Builds. Funds will go towards new gear and photography materials to keep the reviews coming and coming better. I thought I would be able to sell gear as it came in to keep things on the cheap side, but because of list and randomizer releases that isn’t completely possible.

The site will remain ad-free unless things get really dire, so fear not on that front! I won’t plug the Patreon all the time, but I will thank patrons regularly and will work on some dedicated content just for them!

As always, your appreciation is appreciated. Your patience is appreciated. Your readership is appreciated.

Thank you.

Author: New Fat Mike

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