Bad News, Review Delays =’^(

Tragically, I managed to klunk up my HFO 2 DNA 200, made for me by the fine folks over at Steam Monkey and dislodge the board/chip off the face plate of my super sweet blue hybrid panel. The board is dislodged enough that I can’t recharge the 3S cell within, so hopefully this last charge will give me enough time to finish up my Pico mesh build review (I can’t confirm new coils, either). This is going to push my review on the Altus back a bit (preliminary fiddling shows that the DEV2+ just can’t push the power it needs).

I tragically don’t have much money on hand because I just replaced my phone and am paying off that bill (hopefully I’ll be done by the time my next CC statement comes along), so the Altus may be sitting for a bit until I can get it serviced.

On the plus side, I traded my Hurricane 1.3 for a Le Magister with Vertical Reducer by Vaponaute and Kensi mods, respectively, so I will have another great MTL atty to review for you all!

March is when the In’Ax Mk III comes out and when my spot for the EVL Reaper come up, so hopefully I can knock out the rest of my list of reviews in February before I have to get to those!

So good news and bad news all around, but hopefully everything will be back in action soon! MTL Atomizers galore! Now I’ll just have to keep an eye out for a new mod. Any suggestions?

Author: New Fat Mike

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