April Showers…

Good afternoon lovely readers of Mesh Builds!

I am just a few photographs away from finishing up an article on the Box Reborn by Limelight Mechanics. I’m still in shock that I own this mod and am very excited to share my thoughts on it. It’s not really a review, more of an examination. I knew going into it that I would love the Box Reborn, and you can’t write an impartial review that way. I do hope you’ll enjoy it.

The In’Ax Mk III is the next atomizer to get reviewed! It has been performing quite well, and hopefully my review on it will be useful. They’re in stock at VapinArt in case you don’t feel like waiting on a review. Pro tip: get the threaded boulon center pin replacement. Life is much more radical with it.

I’m zeroing in on the Heron V2 and getting a build right for it. I just put a new build in there last night and am leaving it at home. I have a few tests, but I think this might be it, which is fantastic.

The EVL Reaper is also in my home! I put the mini kit on there right away and it goes through 2mL at a time relatively quickly. I have more I want to do with it and am still getting my build just< right. It’s not difficult to make it functional, but I think I can really make this atomizer stand out (as it should given its price point).

The Tube Atty also has a fresh build in it waiting for me to have some time to use it. I may need to do a few because I have some impressions now that I’ve looked at the innards and put a few tanks through it. We’ll see on that one, but it is relatively low priority.

Over the course of April, I spent a lot of money. I’ll mostly only be purchasing liquid in May, but hopefully there will be sufficient content to keep everyone satisfied. That said, though, I am setting up a Patreon page for Mesh Builds. Funds will go towards new gear and photography materials to keep the reviews coming and coming better. I thought I would be able to sell gear as it came in to keep things on the cheap side, but because of list and randomizer releases that isn’t completely possible.

The site will remain ad-free unless things get really dire, so fear not on that front! I won’t plug the Patreon all the time, but I will thank patrons regularly and will work on some dedicated content just for them!

As always, your appreciation is appreciated. Your patience is appreciated. Your readership is appreciated.

Thank you.

Vacation was Rad! Reviews on the Way

Vacation was great! First one since 2012 sometime. I got out in the sun, had a bunch of drinks, danced my butt off, and got some sun!

I had intended on reviewing the Heron V2 while I was gone, but I had forgotten something on my desk before I left. All my wire for rebuilding. I hadn’t realized that until I was on the ocean after killing my first Heron build, so that’s going to be a bit.

Actually all reviews are going to be a bit. I have a bit of an organizational problem:


I tore up all my everything packing up in a hurry because I’m suuuuuuuuuuuuper great at time management. Sadly tearing all that up is to the detriment of my already lackluster review schedule.

But I also bought my EVL Reaper today! Many things to be excited about, Sat22 is up next!

Mail Call & Upcoming!

Good evening! I’ve really enjoyed that I have been able to be more active this week than before. I’ll be able to keep it up for the foreseeable future.

Today, I received the In’Ax Mk III from Vapin Art. The site glitched…a lot…but I managed to get one after fighting through it for 40 minutes! It only took 2 days to get here, and I am seriously enjoying it.

Not pictured: threaded boulon.
Not pictured: threaded boulon.

I also have a Box Reborn on the way, which I am improbably amped about. I wasn’t able to get my hands on an original Box DNA 40 by Limelight Mechanics, but I did manage to pull a DNA 200 one! Hopefully that will be here in the next week or so. This is one of my unicorns, so heads up: I will very likely gush.

I’m aiming to pick up a Heron V2 tomorrow – it’s a small 5mL RTA that has an unusual build deck, supposedly works well with TC, and I do love GP machining. Hopefully I can snag one of those and give you a full report!

In more immediate news, I am in the process of writing my review of Le Zephyr, and it’s a challenging one. It’s the first atomizer I’ve picked up that didn’t end up being aimed at me and I have to readjust my priorities on it.

I will also be doing some short reviews on the MCR 303, Sat 22, and NextGen atomizer, largely as reference points. Be warned, though, the MCR 303 is still on sale at their website and it is absolutely worth the converted $35.00.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading. And putting up with one of my (rare) handchecks.

A Gift

Today, I received something very special.

I reviewed the Pico RTA a little while back. I didn’t have all the fixins, but I reviewed the RTA (as I always do) as best as I could.

The cycle for me is to sell what I’m reviewing and use those funds to purchase/subsidize the next atomizer. It’s not a profitable strategy, and it’s not intended to be. I want to try all the things I can to provide the most valuable input I can to you, the reader. Vaping is a hobby I enjoy, as is writing. If I can use the both of these to serve the industry, then why not do so?

Sadly, the cycle moves on, and as with Le Magister, the izi, K.Loud+G, Hurricane, and so forth, I had to sell the Pico. It was an atomizer purchased from a friend, and it now has a lineage of its own.

Birks Gabish – a fellow reviewer, operator of Promist Vapor, distributor of the Pico RTA, and the engine behind the Pico Facebook group – heard about this. Instead of being upset that it was no longer in my possession, or leaving it be, or ignoring the review, he decided to send me a new one. He sent me one with a drip tip, top caps, Ultem tank and chambers, micro and standard chambers, and a CLR gender, even a drip tip I thought was cool from his website.

Birks didn’t have to. He didn’t need to be communicative over Facebook. He could have just ignored a small-time review website. He could have just let the whole thing alone, but he thought that it was a travesty that I did not have this atomizer anymore.

The Pico is already an excellent atomizer, but now it is something more. It’s a gift from Birks Gabish. Another person who is finding his path in the industry, another reviewer, and now a friend.


Oh no! So long away from the site!

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated!

Things have been slammed at both jobs, and when I get home I’ve pretty much just been collapsing instead of being productive and reviewing things, and for that I apologize. Hopefully I will be able to get the izi review finished and photographed this weekend!

Hopefully I will be less slammed in the near future, I do love writing out these reviews.