Mail Call & Upcoming!

Good evening! I’ve really enjoyed that I have been able to be more active this week than before. I’ll be able to keep it up for the foreseeable future.

Today, I received the In’Ax Mk III from Vapin Art. The site glitched…a lot…but I managed to get one after fighting through it for 40 minutes! It only took 2 days to get here, and I am seriously enjoying it.

Not pictured: threaded boulon.
Not pictured: threaded boulon.

I also have a Box Reborn on the way, which I am improbably amped about. I wasn’t able to get my hands on an original Box DNA 40 by Limelight Mechanics, but I did manage to pull a DNA 200 one! Hopefully that will be here in the next week or so. This is one of my unicorns, so heads up: I will very likely gush.

I’m aiming to pick up a Heron V2 tomorrow – it’s a small 5mL RTA that has an unusual build deck, supposedly works well with TC, and I do love GP machining. Hopefully I can snag one of those and give you a full report!

In more immediate news, I am in the process of writing my review of Le Zephyr, and it’s a challenging one. It’s the first atomizer I’ve picked up that didn’t end up being aimed at me and I have to readjust my priorities on it.

I will also be doing some short reviews on the MCR 303, Sat 22, and NextGen atomizer, largely as reference points. Be warned, though, the MCR 303 is still on sale at their website and it is absolutely worth the converted $35.00.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading. And putting up with one of my (rare) handchecks.

Updates on Reviews and A Challenger Approaches!

Good evening!  I hope your week has been treating you well. The full time job has begun to become an all-time job, but I’m powering through it. After this week, things will feel like they’re moving at a much more reasonable pace.

The izi is an interesting atomizer. I had really hoped to have made more progress with it than I have by now, but perfect performance eludes me yet. The atomizer has nothing wrong with it – it’s different. It requires a little more critical thought and innovation to really get the atomizer. I like that it’s unique and different. Too different? Time will tell. I do like it, but I haven’t quite decided where it lies in the field. $150 or so can be a pretty penny depending on where you get it. Hopefully pioneers such as myself and others who have purchased it are willing to go beyond the usual and get a little weird. The review is taking longer than I thought it would, but I would much rather be delayed and accurate rather than posting my first thoughts (which wouldn’t necessarily be that great.

My favorite thing without a doubt so far, though, is the coiling and mesh tool that came with the izi. It is truly a piece of genius. A simple tool to wrap your coil, but inside of it is a hole to make sure your mesh is rolled to the correct size as well. I truly do love it, and now that combined with the little pin that came with my In’Ax cartos, I really count those as pieces to have for making life a total breeze while building a genny.

I had thought I would not be able to review Le Zephyr by Vaponaute due to budgetary restrictions, but a lovely compatriot has offered to lend me his to conduct a review. I’m really touched as this is not the first time it has happened in this site’s limited existence, and I’m really glad that people value my input enough to send things along as loaners. It will run into a lot of the challenges that Le Magister ran into – perhaps an even deadlier confrontation with my current champion the K.Loud+G on favorite tanks since they’re more like one another than Le Magister was. We shall see!

I’m still quite excited for the EVL Reaper to make its way to my increasingly strange abode – I’m missing certain aspects about RTAs now that I’ve gone without them for so long, but all my lovely gennies (and whatever one might count the izi as – a discussion for another time!) are keeping pace quite well.

Thank you all once again for reading, hopefully March is treating you well so far!

New Atties On The March!

An interesting week!

Boost Lab started their list for the izi RTA, which will hopefully be on my doorstep this weekend, providing sweet, succulent vapor into my lungs. It’s sitting in Jamaica, New York – my favorite place I’ve never seen.

Vaponaute have announced that Le Zephyr will be released this Monday, February 29th. It is a strictly more genesis-oriented build, so I have to get to it on my review of Le Magister so I’m not behind the 8-ball again.

Athea mods have kept quiet on their release date save for “March” so it is nice that I will have at least a small break so I can really get into these atomizers.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mesh Builds!

Happy Valentine’s day, world!

We’ve been up for a month-ish and I’m really excited about the growth, feedback, and views we’ve been getting, so keep them coming!

The next review should be for the K.Loud+G update kit, which I will be doing later today. I ran some cotton builds, and there is a lot of really cool stuff going on there!

I have started outlining my review of Le Magister. It’s definitely in the same lineage as the K.Loud+G, but it has some versatility gains at a cost. With Le Zephyr on the way, I’m interested in what Vaponaute will be doing to change it up generationally.

I managed to snag a spot on the Izi list by Boost Lab, and I am very excited to play with it! If you haven’t seen Todd’s review on it I highly recommend doing so. He goes through a build and discusses doing a mesh U-wick. I’m very excited to get my hands on it and abuse it in ways Boost never intended.

I am essentially aching for my EVL Reaper invoice to come in, not that I can pay it off right now. I’ll be doing two articles on the Reaper:

  • Observing and analyzing the price point
  • The review including “who is it for?”

This is an atomizer where price super matters. It’s twice the price of the stock Pico, and about $30 more than the Hurricane 1.3. There is a limited set of audience for whom the Reaper is worth it, and if it can deliver on what EVL John has been saying (super nice dude – if customer service factors into your purchasing decisions, it should absolutely be on your list), then I can be comfortable with the amount of money I’ve spent on it.

But if you like rarer gear, then I guess it’s worth it to you anyway.

New stuff on the way! Hopefully I’ll be done with the K.Loud+G update this afternoon!

Enjoy your holiday with your loved ones, but since I’m single I’ll be spending my holiday with my bathrobe, who has never led me wrong.

Mail Call! Wicks, Wire, and Le Magister!

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned “Bad News, Review Delays” my budget is stretched a hair thin this month due to a couple of breakages, but these things happen! Fortunately, we do have plenty of things to talk about for the month of February before things start to get into higher gear in March.

I got a large order placed with Zivipf and got a bunch of Fiber Freaks, #200SF (28u) mesh, and our fearless site admin also sent along some Native Wicks with the

It will get a full review, but my first impressions of Le Magister are very positive – it combines my favorite parts of the Origenny with the K.Loud+G, and it’s been absolutely stellar so far in TC (not without its learning curve, though!).

The Pico RTA is up next! I will be finishing that review up this weekend, and I hope you will enjoy it!