In’Ax Mk III by Athea Mods: My Angel is the Centerroll


The In’Ax Mk III by Athea Mods is an atomizer that I ended up purchasing because the website said You can’t have it. I’m talking, of course, about the VapinArt website. I wasn’t initially too interested in getting it, but the instant the website started breaking, I couldn’t stop myself. I really wanted it the more the machines said I couldn’t have it.

I ended up accidentally getting a lot.

But fortunately VapinArt was able to fix my order so I only received one very expensive atomizer and accessory instead of three. It would have been really weird to have so many In’Axes. I’m certain I could have found a home for them, but it would have been a bit of a cluster.

So what you can take away from this introduction/disclosure is that I paid RRP from a store and I fought my hardest to defeat the machines. When their uprising is complete, I shall be ready.


  • Price: $184.95 (as tested: $204.45)
  • Height: 30.5mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Volume: 3mL
  • Tank Material: Steel
  • Airflow: 1mm – 6x1mm

inax 1

There is quite an environment of accessories that Athea have made for the latest In’Ax at launch. There is a clear PMMA tank that maintains the 3mL capacity and an extra-large metal tank that brings the diameter out to 28.5mm and the total volume to 5mL. My favorite accessory, though is the threaded boulon. More on that bad mama jama later.

The airflow control is adjusted by moving the disc up on top to different settings. It’s easy to see which setting you’re on and it really makes life a breeze. Airflow is easy to adjust, but difficult to move on accident.

inax 4


The box was nice! Not like the best thing ever made, but it was nice to have a sturdy branded box. What I did not realize about the box, however, is that the rolling pin gets stuck to the top of the box, so I rolled my mesh around the spare positive pin I got. I found my rolling pin later.

All the threads are super smooth. It’s easy to get everything to catch and it all sits flush. I have a really hard time identifying any seams or anything looking around on the In’Ax Mk III. The machining really is top notch, which ought to be expected for the price (and some other things living at this price point can be difficult to work with).

The In’Ax is also fairly dense feeling. Not super hefty, but it has a healthy weight to it that is reassuring. And that’s…well…reassuring.

The Build

inax 8

The build, even with not immediately knowing where my rolling pin was living, was easy as pie! Oxidize your wick as normal (I prefer #200SF for…everything), roll it over the pin and scoot it onto the center post.

Now, the threaded boulon. I don’t like grip sticks, and this accessory is worth much more than the $19.50 it costs because it saves a lot of heartache. It will accommodate 28AWG wire no problem (I haven’t tried anything thicker yet). First, get your wire trapped up top. Then, wrap your wire in the direction the mesh was rolled. I found 4 wraps to be the perfect amount, and trap the bottom leg with the nut. It can be difficult to keep the bottom leg taut (but not too taut so you don’t choke your wick), but you’ll get a feel for it.

If you have difficulty with the threaded boulon, try wrapping your mesh around the spare positive pin rather than the rolling pin.

Check for hot spots (you shouldn’t have any if your mesh is properly oxidized), and you should be good to go! Be careful and make sure that your mesh isn’t too fat, or else it will short out against the grounded chimney it all goes into.

Filling the tank is improbably simple. Just unscrew the top cap (keep one hand on the tank section so it doesn’t come off the bottom!) and fill it up! You can really just tip over a glass bottle in there. Filling is fast, simple, and it keeps with Genesis style atomizers being super easy to fill from the top.

On filling – It’s really easy to overfill and push excess liquid out from the airholes. The O-ring on the center post is ever so slightly lower than the O-ring on the tank section, and if you fill to that red O-ring instead of the center one, then you might get some excess out the air holes. It’s not super difficult to clear from the air holes, but since airflow comes in through the gaps between the fins, it can be hard to see until it’s already leaked on you.

And that is the only leaking I have encountered. That is it. It hasn’t leaked on me aside from when I do this and you just have to know where to look when you’re filling.

The center black O ring is *slightly* lower than the red O ring.
The center black O-ring is *slightly* lower than the red O-ring.


The In’Ax Mk III performs spectacularly. I’ve used 50/50 and 30/70 liquids with no dry hits at all. And the flavor. Especially at tighter airflow, the flavor is just stupendous. Opening up the airflow to six holes, you can get extremely satisfying restricted lung hits. The condensed chamber does the In’Ax incredible favors for flavors. Vapor production is persistently satisfying as well.

The airflow allows you to take tighter MTL draws than the K.Loud+G (with the same flavor on mesh) and up to restricted lung hits that you might be able to get out of Le Zephyr (although not as airy as LZ wide open).

The included drip tip is also fantastic. It’s a friction fit white Teflon drip tip and it stops all heat from going from the atomizer to your precious mouth, which is great because the In’Ax can get way hot.

I use temperature control exclusively and have done so for the last year or so. The In’Ax does a fabulous job of it. It’s really a fantastic tank for that because the opaque tank makes it a little difficult to gauge how much liquid you have left. After a while you just…don’t get vapor anymore. Pop open the lid, refill, and you’re good to go!

Living with the In’Ax is quite simple as well. Cleaning the coil is impressively simple, even keeping TC on. Just heat it up, run it under water, and gently brush it off with a flat head screwdriver. Repeat for a few minutes and your mesh build is as good as new!

The only part of the In’Ax that really eludes me is keeping the fins clean. They just like to pick up a bunch of lint from my pocket. A quick rinse will do it, but it is a little frown-inducing when that happens.


The In’Ax Mk III is a fantastic atomizer. It is a Genny through and through, though. By nature of the build you can’t get cotton in there functionally unlike the majority of the Gennies reviewed here. That said, if you’re not experienced with mesh, the build is quite simple for a first time mesh builder. Whether you’re comfortable with the material or willing to get into it, then this is a great atomizer to use.

There is, however, a sticking point with the In’Ax Mk III. It is expensive. It’s about $20 more expensive than I thought it would be at launch. Its price point puts it at the same price as the Hurricane, and its shortcomings should not be ignored despite its excellent performance. There is no glass tank available. In the stock configuration you can’t see your liquid levels. Gripsticks can be a pain in the butt to deal with, and it requires finesse to build it properly in the stock configuration. It can be easy to short out if your mesh touches the chamber going down the tube.

That said, the flavor is impeccable. The machining is well thought out and smooth (there are even flat bits in the top cap to let air escape when screwing down the top). It’s a handsome, small tank. It’s easy to build on (especially so if you get the boulon). The airflow control options are varied, simple, and flexible.

Who Is It For?

The In’Ax Mk III by Athea Mods is for someone who:

  • Wants a strictly mesh atty.
  • Prefers a flavor-based experience.
  • Enjoys an easy-to-live-with atomizer.
  • Likes to accessorize their atties.
  • Wants a durable atomizer.
  • Is looking for an “end-game” RBA.

Is the In’Ax Mk III expensive? It sure is, but is it at least 1.5 K.Loud+Gs? I would say so. Not just on performance, but living with it is so much easier (and the K.Loud+G was already quite easy to live with). Filling is a breeze, capacity is good enough for most of a work day for me. It’s easy to clean the build, and it lasts a good long while.

If you want super wide airflow, this is not a great atomizer for you. Same goes for people who have no desire to deal with mesh or get paranoid about their liquid levels. For me, it is a difficult atomizer not to recommend. I regularly take it to work, out to bars, and use it in the home. It has completely supplanted the K.Loud+G as my go-to atomizer. It’s the one I reach for if my apartment complex burns down, and I can’t recommend it enough even at the high price point.

The In’Ax Mk III can be found at VapinArt with a bunch of accessories as well!

I hope you enjoyed the review, thank you for reading! Let’s see that beautiful B Roll.

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Author: New Fat Mike

I herald a gilded future of Gennies and Genny accessories.

  • LEGOates

    I heartily agree with your take. An In’Ax has, for the most part, even supplanted the Origen (V2 MKII) as my number one “go to” genny. That any RBA should have taken “Norby’s” pride of place was unthinkable prior to my encountering this little gem.