The izi RTA by Boostlab Review: A Dangerous Perversion


Disclosure: I purchased this mod directly from the manufacturer for RRP:

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The izi is a different kind of atomizer. At first glance, it looks like a modified Genesis style atomizer. It has the signatures of Minwoo’s design: PEEK chamber reducer, generous Ultem use, and MTL airflow. Where the K.Loud+G is the consummate Genny, the izi is a feverish twist on what we normally take for granted with this type of atty. But first, the specs:


  • Price: $145.00
  • Height: 30mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Volume: 2.8mL
  • Tank Material: Ultem
  • Airflow: Up to 4×1.3mm or 4x1mm

At first glance, the izi has a shared heritage with the BF-99 by NoName Mods. My first thought upon seeing the build deck was This bad mama jama is screaming for a U-wick. Which is not totally incorrect – A U-wick is a profitable endeavor for this particular atomizer, but Minwoo some other ideas about builds to put into it. I ended up settling on neither for my favorite build, but more on that later.

The izi, much like the K.Louds, is a flavor focused atomizer. Tight to middling airflow with an extremely reduced chamber are designed to provide a warm, flavorful vape. The airflow confuses some, and I will attest to it being a hair on the peculiar side, since it’s easy to block off airflow (more on that later once again), but it is serviceable.

The most interesting thing about this atomizer, though, is that it is designed to have as much build versatility as possible. Let’s check a few out:

Cotton U-Wick

The cotton U-wick is, ostensibly, the easiest setup for this atomizer:

  1. Create a coil (TC or standard Kanthal, 2.5mm ID is the largest I can fit in there).
  2. Install the coil on the deck (super simple with the channels cut into the positive and negative blocks).
  3. Remove the ultem tank section from the rest of the atomizer.
  4. You cut (or tease off) a long strip of cotton (Japanese or otherwise), just enough to reach the bottom of the tank on both sides.
  5. Feed your cotton up through the tank section, then into the coil, and back into the other wick hole.
  6. Replace your tank section, prime your coil, and give it some test fires to make sure everything is okay.
  7. Fill your tank, replace the chamber reducer set to the airflow you prefer (4x1mm or 4×1.3mm)

And you’re off!

The flavor is good. Very good. Much warmer than most RTA styles that we see these days (even more than the Pico), and the flavor is great. It’s a little jarring, actually, to have such such a warm vape with the cotton “flavor” (really kind of properties of cotton and how it impacts the flavors you’re using). It’s not bad at all, just different. Good different.

Now for the cons:

If cotton is the only material in this atty, it gets a little hinky kinda quickly. Once you get to the dregs of the tank, it doesn’t want to wick very happily anymore. If you leave it on its side, it will definitely leak out. The most egregious negative for an all-cotton build, though, is that the airflow gets totally choked off by having a bunch of cotton up in there, which is a huge bummer! There is no appreciable difference between the two airflow sets on the reducer, which really takes points away from this setup.

And it’s not a super durable build – I don’t want to have to go poking in and out of the tank section every few days to make sure I got all the old cotton out and to poke new cotton in there. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it is not quite ideal.

Mesh U-Wick

This is the best guide I have encountered thus far for setting up a mesh U-wick (although I would recommend doing 5+ liquid burns to make sure everything is properly oxidized and insulated). I use #200SF mesh since that will wick just about any liquid under the sun, and you’re good to go!

The flavor is excellent once again, and quite wet like Le Magister was. The heat is impeccable like the K.Loud+G (although perhaps a little cooler than the updated version of the +G). The flavor is great, and your airflow is definitely not obstructed since you don’t need to have cotton stuffed up in there.

Installing the build is tricky, since you have to navigate the mesh into the wick holes first, and then mount the coil/mesh combo on the deck without causing any kinks or anything. It’s also a leaky sum’bitch. Don’t leave it on its side, because it will leak all over the place very quickly.

Mesh is also good, but not ideal. Don’t leave the house with it.

Hybrid Builds

Hybrid builds are the way to go. Even prior to release, Minwoo had posted an extensive build video showing some of the builds, and his preferred one (mesh stick on cotton drivers descending into the tank) is a good vape.

It does have its issues, though. Whenever I got up in there to replace my cotton drivers, I bent and kajiggered the heck out of my mesh! Not cool. It tasted great, it didn’t really leak, but it also was not easy to live with.

My preferred build is to drop two hollow #200SF drivers. These will wick just about anything, and keeping them hollow ensures that everything moves around smoothly (I generally prefer “slugs” that have no hollow core, but this is what worked best for me). The next bit is where things get weird:

  1. Get your wire, and bend it into some zigzags. Remember, the izi has a very small chamber, so you need to be careful about whether or not you short out your build a bit.
  2. Install it into the deck. If things deform a little bit, don’t worry, it’s simple to clean it up by just bending some things into place. All mine end up looking pretty crooked, but it works great.
  3. Stuff some cotton under the zigzag coil. Get a pretty good amount jammed up in there, but don’t push super hard, it should be simple to get fresh cotton in there.
MS Paint: The Height of Science.
MS Paint: The Height of Science.

And you’re good to go! It tastes great, leaves airflow open, and doesn’t leak one whit. It combines all the best from the other builds, and provides the kind of experience that I knew this atomizer was designed to deliver.

izi 3

Ignore the grungy cotton! I haven't had time to freshen it up!
Ignore the grungy cotton! I haven’t had time to freshen it up!


The izi is a fabulous atomizer – but it takes some experimentation to really really find what works. It took about a week and four different builds (not to mention all the rewicks that went into it) to find what worked best for me, and it may not be the best for you – if you really want mesh to be the atomizer material, my preferred guide isn’t going to work for you. I’m certain it can be done, but I wasn’t quite able to find one that satisfied me.

That aside, I do love this atomizer. It really is fabulous. It’s different, and I love to see Boostlab move away from more established atomizer designs. It shows that there is plenty of room to innovate and still get an exceptional result.

Who is it for?

This is an easy question to answer, but difficult to find someone who might truly love this atty. It’s for someone who:

  • Loves a hot vape.
  • Wants a decidedly mouth-to-lung atomizer.
  • Who is okay with having an atomizer that they have to discover.

It’s that discovery bit that’s the hard part on this one. The izi needs that because it’s not really like anything else – conventional solutions won’t work in an unconventional atomizer. And I love it.

e: I spoke with Boost Lab and it looks like they’re making another batch!  If you’re looking for one, keep an eye on their Facebook page!

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  • bob krzenski

    do you think, drilling one of the air holes out to 3 mm would help with the draw on the IZI ?

  • Black68DeVille

    So how do you know how many ohms you are pushing with a “zig-zag” wire??

  • Black68DeVille

    Do you have any more photos of just how you did the whole zig-zag thing?

    I mean, the whole MSPAINT, just isn’t working for me…