Le Magister by Vaponaute Review: Polyvalent


Le Magister is an important atomizer.

There is an expanding family of atomizers that are extremely versatile; they have lots of airflow options, are compatible with stainless steel and fiber wicks, and have a focus on flavor. It’s in a family with the Origenny and K.Loud+G (less so on the airflow with that one). The designer wants you to be able to use the wicking material you want for the experience you want. You can adjust the airflow exactly how you want, do whatever coil build you want.

These are very much one-stop atomizers that will let you use what you want while providing a satisfying, warm vape. Filling them is easy (less so on the Origenny), which makes for a very positive experience in the long term.

The variation that these allow for really help cement this type of atomizer as my favorite kind – whether you’re a mesh head or not. Let’s get into this properly:


  • Price: $140.00; as reviewed: $160.00 Retail.
  • Height: 30mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Volume: 2mL (2.5mL if using a “scarf wick”)
  • Airflow: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.2mm (or 2 x each if in dual coil configuration)
  • Configuration: Reviewed with the Kensi Mods Vertical Chamber Reducer

Le Magister can be set up in mesh, fiber, single, or dual coil configurations, and coils can be horizontal or vertical.

The small capacity may be cause for some to shy away and swing towards the higher-capacity Origennies, but filling is so easy, that you aren’t missing out on much. The Origenny 4mL is double the capacity, but it drinks e-liquid relative to Le Magister, so there is that to keep in mind, not just as a cost consideration, but as a performance one as well. Filling Le Magister is so simple (especially relative to the Origen Genesis), that the relatively more-frequent top-offs aren’t much cause for issue.

The main competition for Le Magister are going to be the K.Loud+G and Origen Genesis V2 Mk 2. They all occupy a similar price point (~$140), have similar capabilities (mesh or fiber), and are similar styles (all Genesis styles). The competition is fierce – my favorite atty being among them, so let’s see how it fares!

Le Magister on my Dani Extreme V2+ and part of a phone. And some cables. My desk is not your business. It’s my business.


The packaging for this is lovely! The tin with the airplane is really great, and all the foam inside keeping everything snug and secure makes me feel good about ordering products from Vaponaute in the future. It makes me feel like they care that you receive this piece that they crafted (and clearly put love into) unharmed.

It’s a handsome atomizer, too. It’s little – just bout the same height as the Pico RTA. It’s completely stainless steel inside and out, so no worries about tank crackers.

The inside is just as handsome as the outside. The deck, chamber, screws, nuts, and even the aftermarket reducer are all very attractive. To steal from Todd, “it’s really just stunnin’.”

The airflow options are glorious! Sometimes you want a tight draw, sometimes you want a more open draw, and you can get either of them any time with this. Really just fabulous stuff.

The Builds

Now is where we run into not negatives per se, just not things that I would recommend the mod for. The wick holes in the deck cut into the filling area, so it can be hard to keep a coiling bit/screwdriver stabilized while mounting your coil. It doesn’t sound like a big thing, but I only have so many fingers to keep things in place and turn some screws. It can be a bit of a hassle, certainly moreso than the K.Loud+G, and maybe easier than the Origenny (although that gets serious knocks in my book for needing an Allen key to build – if that doesn’t matter to you, then Le Magister is more difficult.).

Cotton Builds

The “scarf build”

The cotton builds are simple whether you want to use a horizontal or vertical coil. The deck is quite generous with space to spare for fiddling about with where the cotton goes. You can wrap the cotton around the center post to reduce the chamber and cover the second wicking hole, you can have one leg in one hole one leg in the other, you can have the whole thing wrapped around like a scarf with both legs feeding into the same wick hole, or dual coils each having their own wick hole, or whatever you please! It can be a bit overwhelming trying all the options, but there is one thing about all the cotton builds except one:

The flavor is pretty muted.

It’s not bad, but coming from something like the K.Loud+G, it’s a hair underwhelming. The only cotton build worth really doing that I was able to try (since I do not have the horizontal reducer to try) is a single vertical coil with the vertical reducer. The flavor is dense, warm, wet, and tasty. It’s quite nice, and can save you from all the hassle of dealing with mesh except the

Mesh Builds

Are better.

A single coil mesh build with the vertical reducer in this really is fantastic. It’s fiddly to get in there because you can’t stabilize the coiling rod in the wick hole, but it really is fantastic once you get it right. The flavor is as warm and dense as the K.Loud+G, but I think it wicks just a hair faster and it gives it that wet vape that you get with a Hurricane or UTA. It’s really fabulous.

I have managed to get a little liquid out of the airhole, but nothing extreme. I’ve done worse with the K.Loud in my day-to-day screwing about and even more with cotton-based RTAs. There’s really nothing weird there to report.

Temp Control

Temperature control on this atomizer works great, which is awesome because you can’t see inside the tank. The vapor just kind of…goes away which makes you a little sad, but if you’ve ever experienced a mesh dry hit, you thank your lucky stars for the inexorable forward march of industry.

Using Le Magister atop my Dani Extreme V2+ (super handsome combo), I rarely had to recalibrate and 0.3 and 0.4mm Ti wire from Sweet Spot Vapors were both working great. I also had an excellent experience with my 316L wire from zivipf. It really just works and that’s a much higher barrier to cross than one might think based on offerings from other manufacturers.


So…this is where things start to get a little weird. Le Magister, like anything Vaponaute do (besides their liquids, I suppose), is a limited edition affair. Only so many were made. How many? If the release of Le Zephyr is anything to go by, fewer than two thousand exist. A few (or the same piece) crop up on classifieds every once in a while, but the people who have them seem to be holding onto them.

At release it went for $140.00, and based on that as reviewed mine was $160.00, but it’s kind of hard to pin down. It’s equal parts Origenny and K.Loud+G. It’s a beautiful atomizer with loads of options, and the Kensi Mods chamber reducers are fabulous.

The thing is, though, the single coil performance with the vertical chamber reducer completely outpaces the dual coil and cotton options. None of them are bad, but a single coil mesh build is the way to go. It doesn’t guzzle liquid, but it doesn’t quite sip it the way the K.Loud+G does.

The price point is pretty consistent with other available options, the two named above but also the newly released izi by Boost Lab, In’Axes of every variety, and some other loving goodness that I have yet to lay my hands on. Even among RTAs, it’s consistent with the likes of the Squape R[S], Pico RTA with accoutrement, etc. and so forth. But it’s hard to get – not in the way that an Ubertoot or Pico is hard to get, but it’s simply not being made anymore. Maybe it ought to be framed in another way:

If you have a K.Loud+G (updated or not), you’re not missing anything outside of aesthetics. I would say the same for the Origen Genesis V2, but there is some convenience you gain with Le Magister. If I were forced to choose between the K.Loud+G and Le Magister, I would honestly leave it up to a coin toss. It is that good. The competition is fierce in this sphere – improvements in flavor and texture are essentially nil, and quality of life essentially rules the roost., all other things being equal.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants an atomizer that:

  • Has excellent flavor (when the chamber reducer is used), and gives you a nice, wet vape.
  • Has options for whatever kinds of builds you might want.
  • Is both cotton and mesh compatible.
  • Is rather easy to live with.

If you want an excellent cotton atomizer, there are better options even in this mechanism-factor.  The Origenny would be my recommendation for anyone who wants a great cotton atty that is also great with mesh with loads of airflow and build options, no accessories required.

It’s an excellent atomizer, it’s in a space that I think we’ll see expanded with the TPD 2mL rule in the EU, and it performs great.  Maybe I’ll be able to afford Le Zephyr one day and review that as a follow-up.

Now, let’s see that lovely B-Roll:

Author: New Fat Mike

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