Mail Call! Wicks, Wire, and Le Magister!

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned “Bad News, Review Delays” my budget is stretched a hair thin this month due to a couple of breakages, but these things happen! Fortunately, we do have plenty of things to talk about for the month of February before things start to get into higher gear in March.

I got a large order placed with Zivipf and got a bunch of Fiber Freaks, #200SF (28u) mesh, and our fearless site admin also sent along some Native Wicks with the

It will get a full review, but my first impressions of Le Magister are very positive – it combines my favorite parts of the Origenny with the K.Loud+G, and it’s been absolutely stellar so far in TC (not without its learning curve, though!).

The Pico RTA is up next! I will be finishing that review up this weekend, and I hope you will enjoy it!

Author: New Fat Mike

I herald a gilded future of Gennies and Genny accessories.

  • thebshee

    Having trouble with the le magister and I look forward to your build reviews!