Quick Fire Reviews: The Russian



There is (or was) a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the first versions of the Kayfuns to hit the market, and many criticize the Russian as just an expensive clone. I was told I was getting a Russian 91% (which I will hold as distinct from the KFL+) in this trade, but I didn’t. I got an original. They perform the same, but it does make me feel a little skeezy writing this review. They perform the same, though, and I feel like Kayfuns are still an important atomizer to look at in retrospect to see how much (if any) progress we’ve made. On to the nitty gritty!


  • Price: There is no way of knowing.
  • Height: 82mm (including integrated drip tip)
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Volume: 5.0mL (stainless steel or polycarbonate tanks)
  • Tank Material: Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel
  • Airflow: Up to 2.5mm

It’s great to get back to this atomizer! I had had a variety of Kayfuns for a long time, and really loved them at the time. Have they held up? Let’s find out!


Building is not as easy as I recalled. The screws are smaller than I remembered, and I had to re-figure-out how to keep the wires trapped under the screws without destroying my build. Good times.

I didn’t have any wicking issues, which was the big thing once Kayfuns hit the scene (lack of dry hits, that is). The flavor was good but not great. I could tell that the chamber wasn’t as small as it could be – maybe something that indicates how spoiled I am by all the reduced chamber atomizers I’ve been using. It just feels like something is being lost a little bit. 2.5mm is also too open for this atomizer. I turned it down some, but it’s just fine and not anything to really write home about these days. It’s a lot like my Kabuki, just with less texture/novelty/liquid visibility.

The Russian/Kayfun/KFL+/R91 aren’t bad atomizers, not by a long shot. But unless you can find them for less than $50, I don’t think I could really recommend it (I need to pick up a Subtank Mini to compare to these). The integrated drip tip is a pain on the OG Russian/R91 first batch/KFL, because I feel like there are some out there that really outclass them.

Would I recommend buying one? Not at the brand new price points that a lot of these command (~$70.00). There are so many alternatives at this stage, that I wouldn’t really be super comfortable recommending these older Kayfuns. Your money would be better spent on an MCR 303 at this price zone.

As it happens when hooking up with an ex, it’s good but not as good as you remember it.

Author: New Fat Mike

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