The Heron V2 by GP: Oh. Damn.


The Heron V2 is a tank that’s been around in its current form since December 2015, but has existed in one form or another since 2013, so it’s been around for quite a bit and may not be the newest and shiniest out there, but there are a lot of really great things here.

Heron Height Comparison 2


I purchased this tank for RRP from OughtVape. I ended up getting the bead blasted version because the normal version was out of stock.


  • Price: $140.00 (as tested $175.00)
  • Height: 43mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Volume: 5mL
  • Tank Material: Stainless steel or Ultem
  • Airflow: 0mm-3.5mm


The Heron feels sturdier than I thought it would be. I knew it was all held together with O rings before I bought it, and I thought that they might have a tendency to just come apart whenever, but I haven’t had a single accidental separation with it on the DEV2+ in my pocket yet.

The build deck is…different. Not impossibly different; you can still parse out where things are supposed to go. You know where your terminals are, you know where to position your coil (over the airflow) and your usual bag of tricks will hold up because you (ostensibly) know your stuff like not keeping your coil against any metal.

The positioning of the screws was a little interesting to me, because it is the limiting factor on your coil size. They can’t really be wider than the coils, and diameter can’t get too crazy because you need to keep it lifted, secured in place, and in the right position over your airflow.

Build Deck

Filling up the thing is a standard affair – just pop everything apart upside-down (be sure the chamber cap doesn’t come with the top of your tank!) and fill. You can fill really quickly. Really really quickly.

Airflow control is smooth and easy to dial in. Sometimes when I get it too tight it whistles some, but that’s fairly infrequent.

Everything just feels good. Whether it’s taking the base apart to check your serial number to register or just cleaning it, the Heron feels great and it feels like a premium piece of machinery.

I find the Heron extremely attractive. I use the Ultem tank almost exclusively, and I really love how it looks. The gentle slope on the top is fantastic, and I thought the included Teflon drip tip would clash, but it just works in its own way. The aeolipile logo isn’t in your face, but it lets you know where this came from and who made it.

The Build

There are a variety of builds out there for the Heron, and a lot of people get them to work. I’ve only been able to get one build in there working to my liking, and that’s the only build I’ll be addressing.

Disassemble the tank completely. Remove the chamber cap and collar from the deck.

What you should be looking at.
What you should be looking at.

The first place to start is with the coil diameter. Because of the way wicking works out, your coil diameter is incredibly important. 2mm is the only diameter I have gotten to work consistently at any given liquid ratio (50/50 to max VG).

Once you’ve mounted your coil and made sure it’s raised from the deck and not shorting out on the posts (which can be difficult), pull some of your wicking material through. I prefer Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend Density 2. I just have a good time with it and prefer it some to regular cotton.

Pull your wick tails together and put them through the deck collar and screw the collar back on.

Build Deck & Collar 2
With the collar screwed on.

Stretch your tails out so they go past the collar. Take your flathead screwdriver and poke them down just to make a little divot so you have some contact with the deck to soak up the extra.

Get the wick a little wet with your liquid of choice to help collapse things down a little bit and press your chamber cap back on capturing the wick in the wick holes in the cap. They should fit inside perfectly.

This is the important part. If you’re struggling to get your cap on there, you’re probably using too much wick and should readjust or twist the tails again to get it fitting back into the cap.

It can be a tight fit.
It can be a tight fit.

Once your cap is secured, trim your tails as flush as you can to your cap and poke them just a little in there. Just a little so it’s still poking out some, but it will improve wicking dramatically.

Fill up your tank, take a few primer puffs, and you’re set to go!

I know Qorax Stan has a variety of build videos, one of which includes mesh (that I haven’t gotten around to trying), but if you want to check out some alternative builds, his channel is really worth checking out.


The Heron performs spectacularly. It really does. Because it’s a relatively short tank, it is a really warm experience. The flavor from the tiny chamber really shines through and makes some budget liquids taste fabulously.

When I was still figuring out the wicking, I got a lot of leaking and burbliness, but once I had it figured out it has run perfectly from full to empty every time. No moisture around the base, no leaking from the AFC, no nothing. Just warm, delicious liquid straight to my mouth.

I genuinely haven’t been happier with a tank since I moved from a Russian 91% to a Squape R. EVL Reaper included.

“Oh. Damn” is right for a tank that’s cheaper than those two.


In the world of authentic and high end atties, the Heron V2 is not a super expensive tank. $140.00 is, however, quite a bit in the mainstream market, and for many it is a decent hunk of change. In the higher end zone, though, the Heron absolutely wrecks the price-performance curve. The Squape R/R[S] is what has set this curve for me back in 2014. The Heron has all the things that made the Squape great and improves on size/volume ratio, volume in general, finer AFC adjustment, ease of filling, and solid TC.

I had had a couple of days where the chamber chimney would just come off with the tank section whenever I went to refill it, but that has seemed to stop. Nothing I did seemed to cause or stop it, so maybe it was just a fluke caused by O rings wearing in unevenly. It hasn’t come up again, but I did want to let you know about that.

The Heron is one of those tanks that really kind of invalidates the ones around it at their current prices. If the Hurricane dropped $20 at retail and had cheaper replacement bits, then it would be on par, same for the Reaper (except the replacement parts). The Pico is more attractive, but the performance doesn’t really justify the price now that the Heron V2 is out and about. It really disrupts the curve, and that’s always a good thing.

Who is it for?

Besides everyone I would have to say the Heron V2 by GP is for people who:

  • Want restricted lung or MTL vapes.
  • Who want a really warm, even hot, vape.
  • Are alright with vaping 5mL at a time.
  • Are looking for a strong TC RTA.

The Heron V2 really is a stupendous atomizer, and I can’t recommend it enough. Its nearest competition will be the Kayfun 5 by Svoemesto, but we’ll see if it lies on the line, falls off, or even contends! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this atomizer to anyone.

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