The K.Loud+G by Boost Labs: I named that tank the most beautiful name I could think of: THE GENNAY

I will be creating a follow-up to this! The folks at Boost Labs loved my original review that I posted to Reddit so much, that they sent me an upgrade kit, the details of which I shall elaborate on in a follow-up. If you value your comments, this post will be deleted once my follow-up is done!

K.Loud+G by Boost Labs Review


  • A little baby Genny atomizer. 22mm wide by 22mm tall without the drip tip.
  • Ultem drip tip and tank section included.
  • 2mL capacity
  • Cotton or mesh capable
  • Fixed airflow (at least until an updated chamber reducer comes out).
  • Price: $140.00


This atomizer kind of came out of nowhere for me. I saw it and wanted to pair it with my DEV2+ because both of them are so damn small. I was really in for a big surprise on this one!

The atomizer comes with some nice spare bits and pieces (O-rings, screws), which is nice considering there are some manufacturers who are bad about including extras.

My favorite thing that comes with this atomizer is the dowel. The dowel lets you do the Petar K method with ease, and I’m certain getting cotton in there is truly a simple endeavor.

All your bits and pieces are held down with Phillips head screws. That is awesome. I hate needing extra tools. Extra tools are lame, and it can make it hard to find adequate replacements at your local hardware store. The Phillips head screws are nice. I don’t have to bring any special tools when I travel, and if something goes janky or I need to clean it, I can usually fix it right away.

One of the defining characteristics of this atomizer is that once you remove the top cap, there is a chamber reducer in there. An enormous chamber reducer, so your chamber is reduced enormously. You have a tiny space where your atomization takes place and that is going to be a big deal.

So before I go any further, I have one question for you:

    How hot do you like it?

Because if you don’t like hot – blazing hot – vapor then stop reading, this atty isn’t for you. If you don’t like MTL atties, this isn’t for you.

If you like those things, congratulations because we both love Genesis style atomizers, and this is one hell of a Genny.

You can tell right away that the K.Loud+G is made by someone who doesn’t just love Gennies, but adores them. The chamber reducer takes up as much space as physically possible while still allowing for both cotton and mesh. The airflow cut in the reducer is a slot, perfect for vertical coils like one finds in a Genny; the better your coil is exposed to airflow, the better the flavor will be. The reducer and Ultem section both hold onto liquid to maximize capacity in the smallest possible profile.

This atomizer is entirely about intensity. That is the only word I can use to describe it. Every single drag is intense, but not in an exhausting way. It’s unbelievable, it really is. I wasn’t prepared in the least for this, because Todd is the only person who’s reviewed it that I know of, and he isn’t quite as in love with this tank as I am.

I really can’t get over how much I’m enjoying the flavor and heat.

It produces a respectable amount of vapor. It’s just right. I don’t need or want any more than that, and even if there were less, I wouldn’t be upset. I’m not a cloud chaser, I’m not a Sub-Ohmanite, I’m not trying to chuck tits (I have a hard enough time getting anyone to let me touch theirs, let alone chuck them).

Now, for the tank capacity. As we all know, I’m lazy. I could sleep for 20 consecutive hours given a saline drip. A 2mL tank is not a very big tank. This…lasts, though. The Origenny goes through liquid about twice as fast, and isn’t remotely as enjoyable in single or dual configurations. And filling this thing is a dream. Pop off your top cap and use your dropper, unicorn bottle, nipple top, or weird MBV bottles, and it fills. It works great. Just keep going until liquid comes out of the other hole. No unscrewing, nothing gets hot and expanded and hung up on O-rings.

Furthermore on the tank, this thing doesn’t leak. I thought I made it leak for the first time mere minutes before this review, but I had over filled it and the excess pooled and went out the air hole. No leaks so far, and I’ve kept it in my pocket every day for more than a week.

How is it with temperature control?

Fucking great. No stability issues on resistance readings with 28AWG Hard-Drawn Ni200, ResisTherm, or Ti wire. My temperature control experience has been consistent, I’m not getting surprise hot legs anywhere throwing off the resistance (oxidize your mesh, kids!), and the flavor remains great all the time.

Cleaning this is easy! Yes, the most pain-in-the-ass part of atomizer ownership is dead goddamn simple for the K.Loud+G. All you need to do is unscrew the the two Phillips head screws keeping the chamber in place, and it gives you way more deck access than most Gennies allow, let alone bottom-coil RTAs. All the holes that are drilled into the deck to make sure liquid can get out of the reducer and into the actual tank section allow you to just rinse it out with water. It’s easy to rinse and get your crud off your coil because of the way the negative capture screw is oriented.

It’s all just so simple.

Living with it in general is great. It’s a handsome atty, easy to refill, and easy to clean. The temperature control is stable with multiple wire types, and the build is simple with the included dowel. It uses screws and connectors with common heads.

The only cons I really have are:

  • Sometimes the little hex nut nut on the positive post can be a little tricky to tighten down all the way.
  • When screwing the reducer down, it can be a little out of place. It’s easy to scootch it back into place, but it can be a little confusing the first time your top cap comes down, and then it doesn’t want to anymore.

So…who is this for?

    Do NOT buy this if: