The Pico RTA by The Vape Review: Big Review, Small Atty


  • Price: $125 (atomizer with standard chamber only; CLR deck costs $15, micro chamber costs $15; as configured: $140).
  • Height: 30mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Volume: 3mL
  • Tank: PMMA
  • Airflow: 1x2mm to 3x2mm
  • Top Fill

The competition for this particular atomizer are going to be:

Atomizer Price Volume Height
Squape R[S] $165.00 3.8mL 49mm
Rose V2-S $165.00 3.5mL 44mm
Hurricane 1.3 $180.00 3.5mL 47.5mm

The first thing the above table should show you is that the as-configured $140.00 Pico I’m using has a price advantage against the majority of the competition and can use Joyetech CLR coils, BUT it has a PMMA tank, does not come with a drip tip ($10 extra), and has a bit of a penalty to capacity. It is however much smaller, and that 3mL capacity is just fine for my purposes.

A height comparison. Left to right: K.Loud+G (22mm), Le Magister (28mm), Pico RTA (30mm).
A height comparison. Left to right: K.Loud+G (22mm), Le Magister (28mm), Pico RTA (30mm).

If you’re like me and you drop things like they’re ugly babies, the PMMA exterior is cheap to replace ($15.00), so scuffs and mars aren’t going to totally ruin the atomizer/resale value.

Author: New Fat Mike

I herald a gilded future of Gennies and Genny accessories.

  • Pinsleepe

    As this site is called meshbuilds i have to comment on the very same here.

    As of now, I don’t have the Pico but am running my Taifun(s) with mesh for about 3 years now. So, this is how I build it (and I asume, the Pico can be done the same way):

    Install the coil, roll and oxidize the mesh. Place it through the coil, screw on the chamber cap and cut the mesh just a tad bit on the outside. Do not bend! I usually take my jig and ‘pipe’ the mesh. So I end up with a hollowed out wick.

    Sure, you won’t get the very last drop of liquid out of the tank but you won’t get hot legs neither. Just pure taste. Give it a try.