The Pico RTA by The Vape Review: Big Review, Small Atty

Cotton Build

As I said earlier, this takes some dicking around to get right. I had seen some reviews on setting it up like the Hurricane or a Taifun, where the wicks need to be flush with the inside of the chamber. That doesn’t quite work – on a lot of top filling if you take too long, or fill too hard, the wicks get pushed in and it causes the tank to piss all over, which is no bueno. The best way to get this tank set up is to use the standard chamber and set it up as follows:

  1. Mount your coil in the deck.
  2. Feed your wick through the coil.
  3. Pull the standard chamber over the deck, feeding your wick leads first.
  4. Trim the wicks so they extend just past the outermost part of the deck.
  5. Separate the wicks into halves on each side.
  6. Leave one half hanging out and down, and use the other half to stuff inside the chamber in an “S” formation.
  7. Saturate the wicks everywhere, replace the chimney, and put the tank back on top of it all.
  8. Fill the tank using the top fill, and enjoy!
The best wicking diagram MS Paint and three beers will get you.
The best wicking diagram MS Paint and three beers will get you.

When this is done correctly, the vape experience is excellent. It is all the things that matter to me: the vapor is hot, wet, and consistent. It helps that this atomizer does my favorite thing: it pops as soon as I hit that fire button.

I tried the Pico on a variety of devices, and I came to a single conclusion: the quality of this atomizer seriously depends on the mod it’s being used on – the experience of this thing on my DEV2+ (my now go-to review rig) against the VF Stout was unbelievable. I grew to not like the Pico on the Stout, but realized that that was simply due to the Stout’s lackluster TC.

It does look really good on the Stout, though.
It does look really good on the Stout, though.

Overall, it is an excellent performer. It provides excellent taste, and the airflow is right up my alley – it’s all MTL, but with different levels of resistance. You can get a restricted lung hit out of it, but it is very restricted. Overall, an excellent cotton build, and I didn’t miss my Hurricane for a minute while I was using it.

Author: New Fat Mike

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  • Pinsleepe

    As this site is called meshbuilds i have to comment on the very same here.

    As of now, I don’t have the Pico but am running my Taifun(s) with mesh for about 3 years now. So, this is how I build it (and I asume, the Pico can be done the same way):

    Install the coil, roll and oxidize the mesh. Place it through the coil, screw on the chamber cap and cut the mesh just a tad bit on the outside. Do not bend! I usually take my jig and ‘pipe’ the mesh. So I end up with a hollowed out wick.

    Sure, you won’t get the very last drop of liquid out of the tank but you won’t get hot legs neither. Just pure taste. Give it a try.