The Pico RTA by The Vape Review: Big Review, Small Atty


Mesh Build

Heads Up: the Standard Deck Was Used for This Review

The reason why I put that in big, bold writing is because I am certain that the mesh build will taste better in the Micro chamber. Overall, my experience was meh, but it wasn’t very difficult. Creating a U-wick with #200SF mesh cut on a bias was dead simple, and it wicks alright. The taste is decent, but I can tell the legs are a bit hot. Not hot enough to make it a dry, scratchy, nasty hit, but the taste was off in that way.

Mesh: It goes in *everything.*
Mesh: It goes in *everything.*

I go through 10mL of liquid on any mesh build to make sure it’s broken in appropriately. The flavor improved some over the course of those 10mL, but it had a kind of airiness to the flavor that you get out of older non-reduced Genesis style atomizers, but it is very cool.

The Pico RTA is not bad in a mesh configuration it simply is not ideal with the standard deck. It is still good, but not quite as good as its performance with cotton. Would mesh be better with the Micro chamber? That is hard to say, although I imagine it is, given that with the fiber builds, a lot of the chamber gets reduced.

Author: New Fat Mike

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  • Pinsleepe

    As this site is called meshbuilds i have to comment on the very same here.

    As of now, I don’t have the Pico but am running my Taifun(s) with mesh for about 3 years now. So, this is how I build it (and I asume, the Pico can be done the same way):

    Install the coil, roll and oxidize the mesh. Place it through the coil, screw on the chamber cap and cut the mesh just a tad bit on the outside. Do not bend! I usually take my jig and ‘pipe’ the mesh. So I end up with a hollowed out wick.

    Sure, you won’t get the very last drop of liquid out of the tank but you won’t get hot legs neither. Just pure taste. Give it a try.