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CLR Coil

The CLR coil is actually quite a ride! I don’t know the last time I legitimately used a clearomizer for more than a few minutes – maybe sometime in 2013? I used a few here and there while I worked for a B&M, but I haven’t gone a full day on an RTA.

There are a few things to keep in mind about the CLR coil: The TC versions don’t fit in the Pico, which is kind of lame, but back to VW I shall go. I don’t believe you can really get a super great connection for TC given the number of intermediaries to get electricity from the mod through the atomizer, anyway.

The CLR coil is pretty great, but a pain to get set up from the standard chamber. After it’s installed and primed, though, the 0.5 Ohm coil gives a nice, satisfying crackle with each button press, so it has a certain auditory satisfaction.

The flavor is quite good, and the vapor has a certain density to it that is difficult to get with the standard chamber. The CLR coil isn’t a “wet” vape by any means, as you can easily get with the standard chamber, but it is very good. The textural difference is the biggest thing to note.

The CLR coil chamber is also a hair warmer than the standard chamber, and I’m tempted to come to the conclusion that I think the flavor is a little better, maybe just less flat than the standard chamber. Could it be an artifact of the CLR coil having stainless steel housings and chimney rather than all the PEEK construction of the standard setup? It’s hard to say, but I would be curious to see what might happen if Yellowkiss decided to try a metal housing for the standard deck.

The CLR coil, however, is an ephemeral thing. I wouldn’t estimate getting more than a few days out of even a 0.5 Ohm coil at 20 Watts. It performs well, but not for too long, so keep that in mind!

I definitely enjoy the CLR chamber – I wouldn’t recommend this tank if you plan on switching frequently between the CLR coil and rebuildable decks, however. Each one performs well, but there is a little bit of hassle involved with changing between them regularly. I wouldn’t recommend the Pico if you plan only on using the CLR coils, but it is a nice bonus.

Author: New Fat Mike

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  • Pinsleepe

    As this site is called meshbuilds i have to comment on the very same here.

    As of now, I don’t have the Pico but am running my Taifun(s) with mesh for about 3 years now. So, this is how I build it (and I asume, the Pico can be done the same way):

    Install the coil, roll and oxidize the mesh. Place it through the coil, screw on the chamber cap and cut the mesh just a tad bit on the outside. Do not bend! I usually take my jig and ‘pipe’ the mesh. So I end up with a hollowed out wick.

    Sure, you won’t get the very last drop of liquid out of the tank but you won’t get hot legs neither. Just pure taste. Give it a try.