The Pico RTA by The Vape Review: Big Review, Small Atty


Use Case Review & Conclusion

Let’s bring the table from earlier in the review back:

Atomizer Price Volume Height
Squape R[S] $165.00 3.8mL 49mm
Rose V2-S $165.00 3.5mL 44mm
Hurricane 1.3 $180.00 3.5mL 47.5mm

The issue with two of the competitors on this table is their temperature control performance: The Squape and Rose simply are not the best suited to TC. The Pico comes close to the Hurricane’s performance, but it requires an extra recalibration step to get it to the same level, both in accuracy and performance.

The price on the Pico really does shoot it ahead on price to performance, but it does have some quality of life concerns:

  • Filling it is kind of a pain; it’s really easy to waste some liquid by overfilling it, especially if you try to use a glass dropper bottle. Unicorn or nippled PTFE bottles are the way to go on this one.
  • Building it can be a hassle; there’s no great way to secure the atomizer to build on it, so after trapping your leads, a second pass to shore everything up is almost a guarantee.
  • Rewicking can take some time, since there isn’t a way to access the deck without draining the tank.

It’s also a bit of a challenge to get what you need for the Pico. Every 2 months or so it would seem there is a restock on Ought Vape for Pico bits and pieces, but they don’t last long at all. Getting onto a list is no guarantee either – they’re limited slots even if you’re confirmed on a list. Yours truly missed a list for parts with no method of recourse despite having been confirmed for it. This means if you melt or char part of the PEEK chamber or the upcoming Ultem chambers, you’re kind of boned unless you’re willing to stay up late or have a buddy who also got on the list to help you out.

Final Thoughts

The Pico is an excellent performer, and I would say worth $125 on its own. That said, when you start to add in things like variable chambers and clearo coil capabilities, it starts to feel like a bit of a hassle despite those additional features coming in at little extra cost. The extra variation is nice, but it’s not a 30 second process to change over to replaceable coils; the execution just falls a little short.

Is it good? Very. Is it for you? If:

  • You want to be able to use clearo coils when you’re just not “feeling it” and have a few minutes.
  • You want a warm, wet vape in RTA mode.
  • You want a capable atty regardless of your TC or VW preference.
  • You want a super handsome atomizer.
  • You want an atomizer that can provide you with a variety of styles of use.
  • You don’t mind being vigilant for spares/replacement bits.
  • Your hands are nimble enough to build on the deck without a base.

Then this little atty is for you. If you have a Hurricane or Squape R[S] and are eyeing down this atomizer as a replacement, I wouldn’t, especially since mesh builds in those atomizers are easier to execute. For an excellent entry to higher-end RTAs, the retail price ($125.00) is hard to beat; any higher than that, check out the competitors mentioned in the table above. They’re not as handsome, but you won’t be missing much on performance.

Now, let’s see that beautiful B-Roll:

Mesh: It goes in *everything.*
Mesh: It goes in *everything.*

Pico 8

A height comparison. Left to right: K.Loud+G (22mm), Le Magister (28mm), Pico RTA (30mm).
A height comparison. Left to right: K.Loud+G (22mm), Le Magister (28mm), Pico RTA (30mm).

It does look really good on the Stout, though.

Pico 4 Pico 3 Pico 2 Pico 1

Author: New Fat Mike

I herald a gilded future of Gennies and Genny accessories.

  • Pinsleepe

    As this site is called meshbuilds i have to comment on the very same here.

    As of now, I don’t have the Pico but am running my Taifun(s) with mesh for about 3 years now. So, this is how I build it (and I asume, the Pico can be done the same way):

    Install the coil, roll and oxidize the mesh. Place it through the coil, screw on the chamber cap and cut the mesh just a tad bit on the outside. Do not bend! I usually take my jig and ‘pipe’ the mesh. So I end up with a hollowed out wick.

    Sure, you won’t get the very last drop of liquid out of the tank but you won’t get hot legs neither. Just pure taste. Give it a try.