Updates on Reviews and A Challenger Approaches!

Good evening!  I hope your week has been treating you well. The full time job has begun to become an all-time job, but I’m powering through it. After this week, things will feel like they’re moving at a much more reasonable pace.

The izi is an interesting atomizer. I had really hoped to have made more progress with it than I have by now, but perfect performance eludes me yet. The atomizer has nothing wrong with it – it’s different. It requires a little more critical thought and innovation to really get the atomizer. I like that it’s unique and different. Too different? Time will tell. I do like it, but I haven’t quite decided where it lies in the field. $150 or so can be a pretty penny depending on where you get it. Hopefully pioneers such as myself and others who have purchased it are willing to go beyond the usual and get a little weird. The review is taking longer than I thought it would, but I would much rather be delayed and accurate rather than posting my first thoughts (which wouldn’t necessarily be that great.

My favorite thing without a doubt so far, though, is the coiling and mesh tool that came with the izi. It is truly a piece of genius. A simple tool to wrap your coil, but inside of it is a hole to make sure your mesh is rolled to the correct size as well. I truly do love it, and now that combined with the little pin that came with my In’Ax cartos, I really count those as pieces to have for making life a total breeze while building a genny.

I had thought I would not be able to review Le Zephyr by Vaponaute due to budgetary restrictions, but a lovely compatriot has offered to lend me his to conduct a review. I’m really touched as this is not the first time it has happened in this site’s limited existence, and I’m really glad that people value my input enough to send things along as loaners. It will run into a lot of the challenges that Le Magister ran into – perhaps an even deadlier confrontation with my current champion the K.Loud+G on favorite tanks since they’re more like one another than Le Magister was. We shall see!

I’m still quite excited for the EVL Reaper to make its way to my increasingly strange abode – I’m missing certain aspects about RTAs now that I’ve gone without them for so long, but all my lovely gennies (and whatever one might count the izi as – a discussion for another time!) are keeping pace quite well.

Thank you all once again for reading, hopefully March is treating you well so far!

Author: New Fat Mike

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