Vacation was Rad! Reviews on the Way

Vacation was great! First one since 2012 sometime. I got out in the sun, had a bunch of drinks, danced my butt off, and got some sun!

I had intended on reviewing the Heron V2 while I was gone, but I had forgotten something on my desk before I left. All my wire for rebuilding. I hadn’t realized that until I was on the ocean after killing my first Heron build, so that’s going to be a bit.

Actually all reviews are going to be a bit. I have a bit of an organizational problem:


I tore up all my everything packing up in a hurry because I’m suuuuuuuuuuuuper great at time management. Sadly tearing all that up is to the detriment of my already lackluster review schedule.

But I also bought my EVL Reaper today! Many things to be excited about, Sat22 is up next!

Author: New Fat Mike

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